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About the IFRS Sustainability Alliance

The IFRS Sustainability Alliance is a global membership programme for sustainability standards, integrated reporting and integrated thinking. The Alliance offers curated insights and educational programming, as well as peer-to-peer networking.

Diverse in size and scope, members of the Alliance share a belief in the power of building a global baseline of sustainability disclosures to meet capital market needs.

Market expectations for sustainability-related data and integrated reporting are evolving as a global baseline of sustainability disclosure becomes a reality. Members stay apprised of the changing landscape through the following benefits:

  • Updates through engagement with IFRS Foundation staff, peers and industry leaders
  • Learning opportunities on the integration of sustainability factors into investment processes; reporting best practices; sustainability standards development; global policy; and ongoing academic research
  • Tools to advance understanding of the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards—including IFRS S1, IFRS S2 and the SASB Standards–Integrated Reporting Framework and Integrated Thinking Principles
  • Virtual and in-person events that offer networking and learning opportunities
  • Discounts on other IFRS Sustainability products, including on the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting Educational Credential and IFRS Foundation-hosted Conference registrations.

Alliance benefits are available to all colleagues at every member organisation.


IFRS Sustainability Alliance membership is open to any organisation that believes in effective sustainability disclosure, integrated reporting and integrated thinking. Members include investors, corporations, universities, nonprofits and a variety of professional service organisations such as consultants, accounting firms, data providers and proxy advisory services. Organisational members receive additional meetings, learning opportunities and a deeper relationship with the IFRS Foundation Membership Team.

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Designed for professionals from all functions of the capital markets—including investment management, corporate sustainability, finance, assurance and law—individual membership helps you stay ahead of the evolving field of sustainability accounting. Individual members receive discounts on IFRS Foundation offerings, the latest research, non-financial reporting best practices and resources to help you explain sustainability-related data and integrated reporting to colleagues and stakeholders. Additional meetings, Membership Team engagement and learning opportunities are reserved for organisational members.

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For educators, the IFRS Sustainability Alliance individual membership is available at a 50% discount ($200). At this time, this discount is for academic faculty only.

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What is required to be an IFRS Sustainability Alliance Organisational Member?

There are no formal reporting requirements or official time commitments required to be a member of the IFRS Sustainability Alliance. The Alliance is designed to be a resource to organisations and individuals, and we believe you get out what you put in. That said, we do seek an intentional and demonstrated commitment to learn and support efforts to build a global baseline of sustainability disclosures for the capital markets join the Alliance.

Do companies have to report with the SASB Standards or Integrated Reporting Framework to become a member?

Companies do not have to be currently disclosing with the SASB Standards, IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards, or Integrated Reporting Framework to join the IFRS Sustainability Alliance. Many companies have joined the Alliance as a way to learn more about these resources and their use in the market, to aid in their efforts to build out those capabilities internally.

Are all IFRS Sustainability Alliance Organisations listed on the your website?

Nearly all members are listed on the website, with a few exceptions for organizations that choose to remain anonymous publicly.

Can non-members provide feedback on IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards?

Yes. Anyone can provide input on the IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards. We encourage feedback and are happy to direct non-Alliance members to the right internal resource to share their feedback.

How is the IFRS Sustainability Alliance connected with IFRS Foundation’s standard-setting work?

The IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards and the process for developing them are completely independent of the IFRS Sustainability Alliance. Alliance members are encouraged, like any other organization, to participate in standards setting. Visit the IFRS Foundation notifications dashboard to stay informed about the work of the ISSB


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